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What Can Happen In 184 Days?

Setting a time frame for a personal reboot concentrates the mind. Unfortunately, it can also set one up for failure. When you set goals that are based on end results that you don’t control – like New Year’s Resolutions – failure often comes early and often.

Over 184 days, I want to blast diabetes out of my system for good. Over the past 3 months, my A1C dropped from 8.5 to 7.1, and I really didn’t do that good of a job of managing my diet until the last month.

Setting a hard A1C goal like 6.5 is counterproductive. While I would love to have that number in 99 days, forces beyond my control will make that number higher or lower. At my age, the doctors are happy with anything below 7.0.

To knock out diabetes, I have to stick to my whole food, plant-based, low fat vegan diet.

The secret is having at least 2 of my trays a day – salad, steamed vegetables, roasted vegetables, beans, and fruit. The downside to a vegan diet is that you have to eat a lot of food.

For the 184 days, I have to avoid processed foods and grains which run my sugar up.

As for fasting, intermittent strategies don’t work for me all that well. As an alternative, if my sugar gets out of whack from potatoes or something, I will do a 36 hour fast to drop the blood sugar number.

When I have the desire for crunchy snacks, I will limit nuts or banana chips to one handful. Right now, I can eat a half a pound of banana chips in one sitting.

But I do like the crunch.

Keeping my blood sugar under 100 is the incentive not to have to fast.

There is no reason why I cannot keep to this diet for the rest of my life if necessary. I don’t want any violations for 184 days. I tend to act like an addict. If I give in to a cookie or a piece of pie, I keep going. The real incentive is that at the end of this personal test, I should be able to tolerate beans and rice or pasta or noodles without triggering diabetes.

While traveling the world, you can always find rice and noodle dishes to stay vegan.

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