The Solopreneur’s Top Priority

The Solopreneur’s Top Priority

From Gary Vee: (short and sweet)

Amber ass, hey Gary, what would you prioritize is a one-person business amber. That’S how you roll ladies! That was an Al. I don’t know I could see that’s what got me ladies amber amber. This is a great question and a very simple one.

To be honest with you – and I see you know, India just informed me about the artistic side of what you’re pumping out, and so this will be kind of interesting um, an answer, but it’s the truth. If there was one thing I would spoke Ahsan as a solopreneur, it is sales, money is oxygen, you know, and so you know you could do anything you want. You could produce the greatest art, the greatest sneakers, the greatest cup of coffee. If you don’t know how to sell it, you are out of business, which tends to be the theme of this episode, and so I would highly recommend you focus on sales. You have to figure out.

Can you sell your thing whatever it is? It’S a service, sell out the show, your thing that you actually sell if you’re not capable of selling as a solopreneur, there’s really nothing else that matters, because money intake is the way you continue to the next move. Right. It’S it’s! It’S like up up down down!

Left right left, right, B, a B, a select start powers up your lives in Contra, like you need lives, and cash is that Nintendo cheat sheet hack, and so that’s what it is. Cash is oxygen. Cash say with me: man, donation, cash is oxygen. Cash is oxygen. Cash is oxygen.

Cash come on anything with me. Cash they come on, get it. Cash is oxygen. Yes, yes, this is a very special, very special 96th episode of the askgaryvee show

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