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Snot pages are a start to your day, not a finish.  To become the writer I want to be, I will set aside the first 4 hours of each day from when I wake up to hammer out my ideas.  I want to have that sense of great accomplishment and know that I have more work and writing done than most people well before lunchtime.  Out of the 4 hours, I am shooting for 3 hours of actual writing.  The rest of the time will include a shower, shave, and breaks from being on my feet.  I don’t need to eat until the basic work is done.  Only coffee and tea to keep me going.  What the morning hours are for is writing.  Once I cut up this document into posts, articles, and comments, I will then add other research, images, and video.  I cannot be distracted during the morning hours.  No email.  No surfing.

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