Overview of a dating site built with the PG Dating Pro software

Overview of a dating site built with the PG Dating Pro software

Hi, let me show you around your future dating site. We sign in as Thomas an existing member Every site, member, new and old will get to see other people once they sign in or sign up. We can filter the users by certain criteria. Let’S go view someone’s profile:

Let it be Natalie, We see her profile here and in the gallery. We see every file that Natalie has uploaded and given permissions to view, We can view each file rate it like it or report it and, of course, leave our comments In Natalie’s activity wall. We can also leave a message share a photo a song or a video, And the other people who visit Natalie’s profile will see our post unless she sets up the restrictions in her privacy settings.

Ok, let’s do something else, Like rate profile, add Natalie to favourites, send her a wink, send her an association Associations is an ice-breaking game where you tell another person what they remind you of by sending a picture Now, let’s send Natalie an instant message. We are asked to upgrade our membership because in the Standard group that we are a part of now, access to the IM chat is closed.

We can select different membership periods and different prices. Let’S go for the 30 days Silver membership option. Let’S write off the money from our internal account with the site, because we have enough money for that, But we can also send a payment directly by the payment systems that have been made active on the site, for example Paypal. Now we should be taken back to Natalie’s page and we are

And we can send her a message. The IM chat is a text messenger

You also have an opportunity to set up a video chat on your dating site. Please contact us for more details. Ok, this is how much money we have on the internal account.

And this is a way to get to the account one of the ways. Let’S add some more money to see how it works. We choose the offline payments option. Your bank account details go here or any other info that you, as the site owner deem necessary in order to accept the money It may be. Your street address, so the site members bring you cash

We fill out the payment details and send the payment for approval And in the payments history we see that the status is pending waiting for you to approve it or not. This is the donations section where we can send someone money or a gift of membership, And here we can post a banner and send it for approval. Let’S see what our own profile looks like

We can upgrade to premium membership or we can use any of the paid services like highlight profile or lift it up in search.

Let’S write off the funds again, The money has been deducted, Let’s also get ourselves featured in the photos carousel. On top of the site pages, The money’s been deducted

And here we are, this is our photo From the profile page. We can also invite friends to join the site. We insert their email address and once they sign up following our invitation, we get a bonus. The size of the bonus is defined by the site owner by you. Let’S take a look at some other site options:

For example, LikeMe is a Tinder-like rating game where we like or skip people, and if there is a mutual like, then the two people can talk, We’ll see how it works a little bit later on, And this is the media gallery that all the public files of The users get into Now, let’s sign in as Natalie Remember. We visited her page and sent her different messages.

Now we’re signed in as Natalie, and we see that Thomas’ profile has indeed been highlighted in search, And we also see in the notifications that Thomas has visited our page

We’Ve also a new wink And we wink back. The feature is similar to the pokes on Facebook. We also happen to have a new association. This is what Thomas has sent us.

We can reply by choosing a pre-set answer and then we can continue the communication by sending a message in the chat. Let’S see if we get a match in the LikeMe game. Here we like Thomas and we have a match, congratulations. We can continue playing or we can start chatting All right. Thank you for watching this video

Contact us at www.datingpro.com, if you have any questions or improvement, ideas..

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