He Tried To Make Millions BUT Did 5 Things Totally Wrong

He Tried To Make Millions BUT Did 5 Things Totally Wrong

Rich Cooper gives good business advice to a wanna be app developer.

What’s up my brothers, we got a requested video here from a 32 year old gentleman that is uh uncertain about his future and wants to be a multi-millionaire, but is unsure about. What’s going on with it so uh he’s, given me a bit of a breakdown, we’ll hop into this and see what we can do to offer some advice, uh subject is feeling uncertain about the future, says: hey rich, i’m 32. Currently, living with my parents, i’ve been going to the gym where i went from 272 down to 234.. I am heavy into practicing self-love.

That sounds like a very feminine sort of statement. I did a request uh not too long ago. Somebody was talking about brene brown and that’s typically, what she talks to women about practicing self-love. So i don’t i’m not getting a warm vibe about this already and personal development and becoming slightly red pilled slightly. It’S either your red pill or not dude.

There’S no slightly. You either get it or you don’t get it. I again operate more in the black and white area, so there are some guys that uh, you know, consume some of this content and they get it and there’s others that uh struggle with it. But once you see the code of the matrix for what it is, i mean if you’ve read my book, the unplugged alpha you’ll know exactly what i mean but um yeah. It’S either you get it or you don’t and um stay away from the feminize sort of like brene brown lyrics around self-love and all that um.

That’S not what serves men. That’S that’s something that women will regurgitate lyrics on. I mean hearing guys talk about self-love. I just feel like you’re consuming too much of that woosa stuff and that’s not not what works you want to get into the more masculine content. The stuff that i post in my amazon bookstore take a look at some of those uh books.

If you need to get some more frame around it anyway, he says i have a job at an art school where i graduated, which pays okay, you didn’t say what okay is i’m assuming it’s not much since you’re living with your parents, i am trying to start A video game comic book and animation business, so there’s three businesses that he’s trying to get off the ground. I got two mobile games that are available on the android and ios play store by the way i looked at the links that you gave me for the ios store in the android store and um it’s it’s like the typical kind of like lower resolution. Um mobile game stuff and not that that doesn’t work i mean flappy bird was very profitable for that guy dong, nagayan or whatever his name was uh. I think he said at one point he was making like fifty thousand dollars a day in ad revenue on it. Um, so it’s entirely possible to do quite well at it, but it’s got ta be a freemium model.

You’Ve got a paid model which doesn’t really work that well in app stores for mass adoption. I would remove that 99 barrier to entry and then just leave the freemium model as it is where people pay for extra coins or tokens, so they can buy upgrades and unlock certain levels of whatever they need all right. And then you go on to say. I also made a cartoon series for the game on youtube along with watch play videos, since i know people are into watch play videos. I click that link.

You don’t have any views. Um people aren’t watching your videos on watch play on the game. I’Ve seen. Yes, you know the biggest youtuber pewdiepie will have. You know tens of thousands of people watching him play something basic like minecraft, um you’re, not getting traction with your game, though i mean, first of all, it doesn’t look like you’re getting many downloads or sales on the game, because none of the games were rated in The app store when i looked at them so that just tells me there’s not a lot of movement on people.

You know downloading the game and paying for it again. Most people want freemium, which means you don’t pay upfront, but there’s in-app purchases, you’re going to say. I’M similarly copying candy crush and angry birds method. I hopefully well you’re, not because you’re not doing freemium you’re charging people up front to download the app so fix. That would be my first piece of advice on the app thing again, i’m not an app developer, but just from an obvious point of view, the only apps i’ve seen that have taken off and explode are freemium models.

I hopefully would like to get into console gaming in the future, along with tv and films. I also do comedy writing for my comic books. My comedy teacher says i have the potential to be a stand-up comic. My friend, your comedy teacher, has lied to you um as a man that has consumed lots of stand-up comedy it’s one of my probably favorite genres to watch um. Your your stand-up comedy is okay, it’s kind of mediocre um.

I listened to the two-minute clip the whole thing. It’S not good. I think i might have chuckled like once, like a brief chuckle, so you know i like i like to see the comic you know with his facial reactions and his hand, movement, and you know what he’s doing and yours was just a voiceover screen. So i don’t know what you look like when you talk and the links to the social you gave me they’re very old, poorly resolution pictures. So i have no idea what you look like um.

You know kind of like it’s almost like i’m seeing you from 100 meters away with this, so it’s very difficult for me to um, get your comedy or or or see the animation in it um. I don’t think it’s great. You know, that’s just my initial feedback. Uh i just love making art in general cool. I get it you’re.

The artistic type awesome um. I’Ve made a few dollars here and there with my apps. I believe i can scale it with a proper mentor and social media marketing, especially with facebook and instagram ads. Um freemium dude um put the put the game as a free download and then charge people for um. You know in-app purchases.

If you can make it like a facebook game. Perfect, there’s lots of loads of women sit around all day long playing candy crush on their phone or other types of similar games. I wouldn’t be going to run ads um in front of people to download something that they have to pay for, like you’re paying for the ads and then they’re paying to download something that should be free or what people are used to getting for free. So it’s an unusual business model which is probably why it’s not working that well for you, anyway, are you going to say i’ve seen it done before for other people, and i believe it can be done as for me as well. My question to you is: how do you stay motivated to keep on doing something you love doing when you’re, not making the money you’re expecting to make um bottom line is dude?

Is that you have a hobby? You don’t have a business um. A lot of guys have approached me over the years with the same sort of question, which is how do you you know? How do you keep doing something that you really like, but the money’s not coming people vote with their wallets? If what you’re giving them isn’t worthy of them, opening their wallet and giving you money for, like the reason why you paid for the sponsored request, is you’ve either seen me on the channel you’ve seen other sponsor requests, you’re like okay, this seems me.

This seems worth me forking out some money, for so i can get his opinion and probably the feedback of the community in the comments as well. Um, that’s how these things work, you’re, not like it’s not working, and at some point i mean you see this. A lot on tv shows like shark tank or even dragons. Then here – and you know here in canada, where, if you’ve been doing something for several years – and it’s not getting any traction, it’s just a hobby and you have to take it around back behind the house – beat it with a stick and bury it six feet under Just get rid of it and move on from it or pivot the business model so that it can get some traction i’ve already. Given you some suggestions on how to get some traction with the gaming stuff, i would like to be a millionaire someday doing this and hopefully quit my day job.

Thank you for your time and for answering my question. P.S have also included the links and social media as well all right. Well, he didn’t really give me a whole lot there to um work with you know in the body of your email, but i did take a look at all your links. I’Ve provided you the feedback, i mean if you’re a funny guy.

I tell you straight up, i mean i would have laughed at the comedy and i didn’t really laugh at. I didn’t think it was that funny was kind of just basic, so i mean those that can do those that can teach if a guy that’s a premium, stand-up comic, you know out there in the world um. You know said that you’re a great comedian, then i would take their word for it over mine, but your comedy teacher, i think they’re lying to you. If i’m being honest with you, it kind of sucked, it wasn’t great um fix the app make it freemium would be the other tip again. To recap: in-app purchases don’t pay to market it until it’s, it’s proven to have worked.

Um find something that you can do that will turn into money. You have already proven that you can do see you’re kind of spreading yourself thin and one of the things that you have to get good at as an entrepreneur and i’ve said this before is you have to have very, very good, problem-solving skills? If you want to be successful and be a multi-millionaire, i think that one of the most important skills that you have to hone is adapt problem solve, adapt problem solve. So in this situation, you’ve put out a couple of apps or sorry a a game app on different platforms, and it’s not getting you the roi that you want. Okay, so you’ve asked and i’ve provided.

My feedback now go pivot. You know make it a freemium app within it in-app purchases and then see how that responds, maybe put it on facebook as a facebook game um. I don’t know where else you can list it that might get some traction, but like you’re, going about it the wrong way, so pivot adapt right. So the skill that i want you to apply to this problem that you’re having right now at 32, currently living with your parents with an okay uh. Sorry, it pays okay um!

I can tell that you’re, not stoked about your life and that you’re. Looking for more, i understand, which is why you’ve messaged me, but now it’s time to go, do some work and reflect on what it is that you’ve been doing, because what you’ve been doing hasn’t been worked. The definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It’S time for you to change this, i’m glad you asked the questions. I hope you take the feedback as honest um.

I will never sugarcoat anything if you want sugar and spice and all things nice ask your mommy, you want the cold hard truth. Ask me i’ll give it to you. So those are the things that i would be doing. Also, last but not least before i go get more, laser focus. You’Ve got your day job, you got a video game, you got a comic book and you got an animation business and you got stand-up comedy five things narrow it down to just one thing: that you’re really really good at figure out, which one of those things that You’Re really good at and double down on it.

My advice would be skip the stand up comedy i mean unless you can get better or like show me like a video of you actually doing, stand-up comedy at a club in an amateur night. What you gave me was just voice over recording of this of a skit that you read so, unless you can prove stand-up comedy works, take it around behind the back of the house, beat it with a stick and get rid of it. The video game, uh pivot. You know and make some changes to it and see what happens the animation business. Well, i think the easiest thing here for you to focus on to be honest with you your day job and make the uh app game more sticky.

You know there’s a really good book that i would recommend that you read called hooked uh. It is in my amazon bookstore pinned in the top comment. The author’s name is near al. I’M gon na totally butcher the spelling, but the first name is ny rl or something like that, but search for hooked on amazon and basically what he did was he uh deconstructed what it takes to make habit-forming products right to get people to use um apps on A more long-term basis and he dives into things like facebook and world of warcraft and a bunch of other, really interesting, apps. So again, success leaves clues and and so to failures, so go out there and look for some of the best and r d it which doesn’t stand for research and development.

It stands for rip off and duplicate, read near’s book hooked and figure out how you can engineer more habit-forming behavior into your game, get the game out there as a freemium product, and you know you can have in-app purchases to make your money and go about it. That way and test and pivot, you know again, you want to become a multi-millionaire. The most important skill for you to hone is problem. Solving ability go and solve these problems, and i guarantee, if you keep at it long enough and you work hard enough and you’re intelligent about it. You should get something off the ground sooner than later below leave a comment smash the like button pin in the top comment stuff like um.

If you want to find my book, you want to join my men’s community, make a request like this all that stuff is there check it out, we’ll see you guys in the next video peace out, you

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