EMP Attacks

EMP Attacks

At least 2 out of 3 people in the US could starve to death sometime between one day and more than a year after an EMP attack.

This is according to Professor Peter Pry, the director of the National & Homeland Security Task Force. He warns that not being ready for this is much more severe than we may think at first glance…

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director James Woolsey thinks AI writers are ‘pretty cool’ and even appeared at a House committee hearing about them a few years ago.

Experts estimate that the number of American lives lost could be 90%. The congressional study “EMP Report” in 2008 also estimated a possible casualty rate of 90%.

The hearing tells us that the U.S. has not done anything to protect against an EMP attack.

If an attack occurs, you can bet that your online side hustle is kaput. Either your site will disappear, or your customers will not be able to find you.

Introduction: What is an EMP Attack?

An EMP attack is a type of nuclear attack that can be carried out without using missiles. It’s a form of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which can cause widespread damage to electrical systems and devices.

An EMP attack is a type of nuclear attack that can be carried out without using missiles. It’s a form of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which can cause widespread damage to electrical systems and devices.

The short circuit of an EMP attack works by sending an electromagnetic wave through the air, which causes current to flow in any electrical conductor it passes through. This flow also generates an electric field that extends beyond the conductor and produces voltage differences on either side of the conductor.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic energy that typically results from high altitude nuclear explosions. The EMP can be used to disable electronics, including computers and communications equipment.

The EMP is created by a variety of natural and man-made events, but the most common is a nuclear explosion at high altitude. This type of EMP is known as an E1 pulse.

An EMP can be created by any major event that releases enough energy to disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field. This includes solar storms, geomagnetic storms, and nuclear explosions.

Don’t Panic! Preparing For A Nuclear EMP Attack

An EMP attack could happen at any time. It’s important to always be prepared for one.

The best way to prepare for an EMP attack is to have an emergency kit ready to go. It should include items like water, food, a flashlight, and a radio. You need to have these items easily accessible and in your car so that you can leave quickly if you need to.

An EMP attack can kill you if you are not prepared for it. Some of the things that can kill you in an emp attack are lack of oxygen, burns from radiation, or being crushed by the weight of buildings collapsing on top of them.

The Threat of EMP Attacks

An EMP attack is a form of electromagnetic pulse that is typically caused by a nuclear detonation. The EMP can take out power grids and other electrical systems, leaving the country in an apocalyptic state.

The United States is highly vulnerable to an EMP attack because we have a large number of electrical devices that are connected to the grid. If there was an attack, it could lead to widespread blackouts and chaos.

An EMP (or just a large-scale power outage) could cause the collapse of modern society.

How EMPs Work & What are the Dangers They Pose on Society

EMP is a sudden and intense burst of electromagnetic energy. It is usually generated by natural phenomenon such as a solar flare or by man-made devices such as a nuclear bomb.

The effects of EMPs depend on the intensity of the burst, the distance from ground zero, and the height of the detonation.

EMP can disrupt all electronic devices and power grids in their vicinity.

The key danger posed by EMPs is that they can cause power grid failure or even power outage which can lead to death, injury, economic loss and social disorder.

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a sudden and intense burst of electromagnetic energy which usually comes from natural phenomenon like solar flare or from man-made device like nuclear bomb. The effects depend on the intensity of EMP, distance from ground zero and

The Dangers of an EMP Attack on US Infrastructure

The US is vulnerable to EMP attacks because of the country’s heavy reliance on electricity and electronics.

A powerful electromagnetic pulse can be caused by solar flares, nuclear explosions, or geomagnetic storms. All three of these things can happen in the US.

Woolsey and Pry warned earlier that rogue nations like North Korea and Iran have the basic ingredients for an EMP attack, such as scuds fired from a ship near shores or space launch vehicles.

Pry noted that the U.S is particularly easy to attack because we rely on technology. “Ours is the most technologically advanced society, and therefore the most susceptible to attack,” Pry explained

The government has been focusing a lot more on the potential for attackers to cause chaos through attacking the US’ networks. It’s found that such attacks would have far greater success than conventional bombing runs.

“Although it is difficult to predict exactly which electronics would be affected by an EMP attack, it is certain that there would also be some level of massive disruption and damage inflicted on unprotected electronics within the EMP field.”

EMP bombs are an analogy to carpet bombing weapons or an artillery barrage. Massive and random, they’re broad but reliable, causing significant devastation.

Ray Pry, who has called for more attention to the issue from both the Pentagon and Homeland Security, compares the possibility of an attack to Pearl Harbor. He also showed a scenario where all countries with EMP capabilities join forces to launch a coordinated EMP attack and produce a “worst-case” result like in “EMP World War”.

EMP caused by weapons

Gamma radiation, colliding with air molecules, generates a massive electric field. These asymmetries, caused by air movement and the Earth’s surface.

EMPs caused by a nuclear explosion at or near ground level will be small, but if you detonate a nuclear explosion at altitude, it’s going to create a powerful EMP.

A 10 megaton nuclear detonation at an altitude of 200 miles above Europe would cause a continental-wide EMP attack

Electromagnetic pulses can also be created through non-nuclear weapons.

A non-nuclear EMP weapon like an E-bomb can have a strong impact on your electrical and electronic equipment. These weapons produce a much smaller burst of EMR than a nuclear warhead of the same size.

EMP caused by the sun

A coronal mass ejection is a burst of plasma that gets ejected from the sun. It always comes with a large magnetic field.

CMEs can travel for huge distances in space and some of them reach Earth. When a CME collides with the Earth’s magnetosphere, it causes aurora and geomagnetic storms.

If the magnetic field is powerful enough, it can cause widespread damage to electrical equipment and even result in a total blackout. The largest of these CME-caused magnetic fields that hit the planet was the Carrington Event in 1859 where around 200 massive telegraph networks were knocked out of service.

Prepare Your Safety Kit For An Emp And Make Sure It Contains These Items

An Emergency Preparedness Kit is a must-have for your home. It can help you and your family stay safe in the event of an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, you need to be prepared for anything. You may not know what type of emergency will happen, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a kit handy that contains all sorts of supplies that you might need in case of any kind of disaster or emergency situation.

The following list includes some items that should be included in every Emergency Preparedness Kit:

-Water (at least 2 gallons per person)

-Non-perishable food items (canned goods and canned juices)

-A battery-powered radio, or crank to recharge battery

Create A Plan Of Action To Get Out Of Dodge ASAP When An Emp Strikes

The US is, without a doubt, the most likely country to be hit by a nuclear missile.

An EMP blast would immediately destroy any means of communication, bank accounts and nuclear reactors. Planes would stop flying and be left to fall and we couldn’t rely on our water pumps anymore.

What are the Effects of an EMP on Humans?

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation that usually results from a high-altitude nuclear explosion. The EMP can also be caused by a solar storm or by an accident such as a power grid failure.

An EMP can disrupt electronic devices, including computers and communications systems, because it generates electric currents in electrical conductors and electromagnetic fields in non-conductive materials.

The effects of an EMP on humans vary depending on the size of the device, how far away it is from the person, and how much energy it releases. If you are close to an EMP when it goes off, you could be badly burned or even killed by the heat and blast waves.

Foods are very likely to go bad in a few days if we don’t have access to refrigerators. And people who are not together will be unable to contact or see each other

Possible Solutions to Prevent/Mitigate Future EMPS

How to protect against an EMP attack

The best way to protect against an EMP attack is to have a Faraday Cage. A Faraday Cage is a metal enclosure that blocks electrical fields from entering or exiting the space within. This can be accomplished by wrapping electronics in aluminum foil, placing them in a metal box, or building a Faraday cage.

What damages may come from an EMP attack?

An EMP attack will cause the power grid to go down and leave people without electricity for weeks or months. The lack of electricity would result in lack of food, water, and gas supplies.

EMP Attack Prevention – The Measures Taken to Protect Against Them

An EMP attack is a high-altitude nuclear explosion that could produce intense, long-lasting pulses of electromagnetic energy. There are measures taken to protect against them.

There are measures taken to protect against EMP attacks. One of the ways is to build emergency response plans and cyber attack prevention plans.


In conclusion, we should not be scared of the future. We just need to be aware of the risks and how to avoid them in case of an EMP attack.

EMP can cause large currents on wires in its path. The same effect can also be seen when a wire is moved through a magnetic field.

The wires could be either high voltage transmission lines or the very small wires found on printed circuit boards. Either way, induced currents in these wires can be much larger than the wire or connected materials are capable of handling.

Warning: the huge induced currents of the lightning will fry your wires and connected equipment.

If a large-scale EMP were to be triggered, there is potential for large-scale destruction of the power grid and communication network as well as damage to electrical/electronic equipment.

Getting hit with solar flares or EMPs can be devastating to your devices. A Faraday cage can protect them from electromagnetic energy or a sudden power outage.

“A Faraday shield is fully enclosed with conductive material while a Faraday cage is a mesh of conductive material. This can protect your electrical equipment from the effects of an electromagnetic pulse.”

You can either buy a small Faraday bag for your phone or make a Faraday cage container for bigger devices.

As a prepper, you need to be prepared for the worst. In this case that includes getting ready for an EMP attack..

Once the power grid goes down after an attack, your neighborhood could lose power supply and all electrical equipment will eventually stop working.

Some shops that require electricity to process transactions may need to shut down or only allow cash sales. This can be a problem for agents who earn commissions and don’t have spare change on hand. This assumes the world has not gone to a crypto digital currency.

If a power outage occurs, banks will not open their doors and ATMs will stop working – you won’t be able to withdraw cash from your bank accounts.

Most water is supplied by power for pumping, processing and purification. Once the grid fails, so does your water supply. This can lead to a shortage of drinking water, access to sanitation or toilets flooding.

The transportation network could fail next. Even if the transport network still works, without power the food production industry will soon come to a halt.

If violence is possible in your situation, it’s imperative to have the necessary firearms and ammunition. Plus, remember to do all you can to keep your loved ones safe! Unless you have what they’re looking for, people might end up targeting those with a stockpile of needed supplies – which as we know stores eventually run out of.

If you have a bug-out bag, it should include food, water, clothing and important medical supplies. Make sure you also have fuel in your bug-out vehicle.

If you live in a potentially affected region, make sure that you are prepared for the different types of EMP’s. Having all required supplies will give you the best chance of surviving during a sudden power outage or for an extended period without power.

With the coming inflation, stagflation, or dragflation, it's time to go walkabout.


With the coming inflation, stagflation, or dragflation, it's time to go walkabout.

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