ClickUp Love Series – Ep.06 – Why Every Solopreneur Should Use Screen Recording

ClickUp Love Series – Ep.06 – Why Every Solopreneur Should Use Screen Recording

Hello and welcome to another episode of the ClickUp Love Series. Today, let’s talk about screen recording. Screen recording is not just a great way to share something with a client  or a team member. It’s also a great tool for solopreneur.  The reason being is that it’s the fastest way to build your SOP – or Standard Operating Procedure.

SOPs are essential even as a solopreneur because when you have an SOP you don’t  have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel every single time you do something.  You also have a set of instructions so you won’t miss a critical step  in your process and finally it makes it very easy to hire a team and onboard  those team members because you already have all the instructions on how to do the work. So, instead of writing down all the instructions like we used to do back in the  days, you can now actually record yourself doing this action, doing the task, so that  you don’t have to say “click here” or “click there”.

You can actually  see yourself doing this stuff which makes it a lot easier to document all your SOPs. I know you can easily do that if you have a Mac by “Command + Shift + 5”.

But you have a recording  that then you need to put somewhere if you want to share it, especially with a team member. You can also use tools such as Loom or any other screen recording tools out there.  However, that’s yet another tool to manage and potentially pay for. As you know, I love having everything in one place to simplify my business  and I don’t like paying for tools that I don’t use or only use once. So it’s another reason  why I love ClickUp so much: it has a screen recording feature.

Yes, you heard me right:  it has a screen recording feature, so you can record your screen straight from ClickUp. To do that, you need to use ClickUp in Chrome,  but you’ll be able to record anything on your screen not just ClickUp.

Once you’ve finished with your recording, you can attach it to  a task, a comment or a document, which again is great for your SOP.  You can also download the recording if you want to keep it for yourself and store it somewhere else,  and you can also share it with just a link. However, the link expires after 30 days,  so make sure that the person who you’re sharing the link with knows that, so they actually  watch that recording within the 30 days.

To avoid any surprises, what I recommend you do is instead,  is embed the recording in a document and share the link to the document instead. I use recording a lot with my clients. Instead of sending an email or writing a long comment  in ClickUp, I just record something to explain and show them what I mean.  A lot of my clients are visual and find it a lot easier to understand.  I also use ClickUp screen recording functionality to create the SOPs for my clients.

So there you have it: one more reason to love ClickUp and make it your business hub! So, tell me: what will you record first? See you next week!.


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