Walkabout Solopreneur

Walkabout Solopreneur


It sounds funny to me, but a basic goal of the Walkabout Solopreneur life is automation. The more I can get computers to do for me 24/7, the better off I am.

For IBMs*, we need to concentrate on technology that can help us now.

I believe WS has to be a form of vocational education. Hands on, with students using their own profiles and social media accounts. Make this training, which will be updated daily, the basis of the membership site and the main way I get paid.

I will have the WS run by women around the world.

One thing you want to do with WS is to buy tools using your profits. That’s a great incentive to earn your way up the ladder.

The real beauty of going ascetic is that austerity is not being imposed by an outside force. Ascetics shun worldly items in an effort to find spiritual bliss.

There’s no way I can make money with affiliate marketing the lazy way I am doing it now. No way. Not enough traffic to my blogs. Starting today, we will put the spun articles into play.

I can finally understand why alcoholics drink and why 600+ pound fat asses eat. Because they want to. I know what I should eat but have a hell of a time controlling my diabetes. But I jones for pasta and processed carbs and sugar. Get serious.

It’s critical that I put the walk back in Walkabout Solopreneur. I have been cautious after an operation and a hurricane about getting stuck downtown in a storm or in pain.





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